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  8. H   two series
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Pricing includes one set of revisions. Additional revisions are billed at $125 per hour.

Timelines are effective graphics that show who knew what, when, and where. Icons can be used to highlight important events and help the trier of fact make connections.

Timeline Deliverable:

- High resolution (6000 x 4500 pixels) image files in JPG format

- Image quality can be printed 40"x 30" exhibit boards

- Image quality can be used with digital presentation

Choose a Theme

We've provided a few themes to give you an idea of color and style for the timeline you want created. If you see a theme you like, select it here. Otherwise, leave it blank and our designers will create the best timeline for your case.

Timeline Information

Have an idea for a title or subtitle for your graphic? Add it here. If not, no problem. Our designers will create one for you.

Timeline Events

We offer two options for creating your timeline. You can simply upload a document that lists the events you want on your timeline OR you can add your series of events further below.

Upload a document in PDF or Word format, with details of the events to show on the graphic.

A Series is the grouping of events that you want to show on your timeline. Usually users only have one series with multiple events. Users have two series if you are showing what two different parties were doing at the same time. The clock field is optional and usually used in medical cases.

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Please add if you represent the Plaintiff or Defendant as well as any other details that will help the designers create your graphic.

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